Starting Another Diet


So my doctor told me about this diet called Ideal Protein.  I would have two meals and a snack made from Ideal Protein packets and two cups of vegetables which could be divided between either of the meals or eaten all at once.  My third meal would consist of my own protein and 2 cups of approved vegetables.  I could have as much lettuce as I wanted with any of the meals but the dressing needed to be 4 carb or less per serving.  My favorite Ranch dressing is only 1 carb per serving so I was safe there. She told me most people are NOT hungry as long as they stick with the eating plan and have lost ridiculous amounts of weight.

I decided to give this diet a shot to see if I could really lose this awful weight and lower some of my out-of-control health issues. I know the packets are expensive but I would spend the same amount or more on junk food and if they give me the ability to stick with this eating plan, then I am compelled to give this diet a try.:)

I will start tomorrow…


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