The Doctor’s Appointment


I went to the doctor today…my doctor is NOT happy. 😦   We are having problems getting my blood pressure under control and my cholesterol is, to say it mildly, out of control!

 I had been on Crestor (a statin drug) for my cholesterol but found that I was having some memory problems so took myself off of it.  Both of my parents have mild dementia so I try to stay alert to what is happening with me (they were both on statin drugs too for quite some time).   The memory problems got a little better and I actually found that I felt much better physically too.  But my family has a history of very high cholesterol and I knew I would have to do something to control it.  I have two aunts who had cholesterol counts in the 400 & 500 range with 200 considered high. So my cardiologist said to try taking Red Yeast Rice capsules to see if that would help control it.  I was on 1 capsule a day, had a blood test and the darn numbers were back up to 279…NOT good! So we are adding another capsule to my medications and are hoping that will help it to go back down to the 151 it was when I was taking the statin drug.

My blood pressure isn’t doing badly but my doctor wants it to be better.  It usually runs right around 139/89. But I am on 2 medications for the blood pressure and it is still higher than desired.  My doctor would rather have it at 120/79 so that is what we are aiming for. I am very sensitive to medications and easily end up with allergic reactions by adding just a higher dose of something that I am already taking. Right now I am taking Clonidine 3 times a day and Cozaar 2 times a day.  When I spread them out they seem to help so I don’t have the blood pressure spikes I was previously getting which were in the 160’s/100’s. 

So to help with the blood pressure and to, hopefully, help a little bit with the cholesterol she mentioned a diet plan that she is very enthusiastic about.  She had been on it herself after her babies were born and had loved it so much started offering it to her patients.  She said she had quite a few patients that had done very well on this diet and found it much easier to stick with than previous diets.  I really DO want to lose weight so I said “tell me about it!”.  So she did…



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