Day 4


Ahhhhhhhhhhh…I should have KNOWN I would not  be able to stomach having the same thing every morning day-in and day-out!!!!    I have come to REALLY, REALLY dislike the Fine Herbs and Cheese Omelet Mix!!!  It makes me gag just to think about eating it again.  Why did I not choose a variety of things to eat?!?!? Even putting hot sauce on it doesn’t help! In fact, it kind of soaks into the stuff and makes it become really unappealing.  Just a few more days and I can get something else to eat for breakfast.

And I am not liking the soups.  I bought the Chicken Soup, Broccoli Cheese Soup and Mushroom Soup.  They are OK, but after eating about half the bowl I can hardly stomach them.  But at least it is something hot and creamy to eat along with my salad & veggies. Wish I would have bought  one of the drinks so I could have something like a smoothie for my lunch.  I have never been much for drinking my lunch but something other than these soups might taste pretty good!

My scale is going down about a pound a day!  I like that!  If I could keep that up, I would be at my goal weight in just 100 days…that’s only a little over 3 months!!!!   I can stick with ANY diet if I can get those kind of results.


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