Second Weigh-In

12/22/2011                                                                                                                             Weight: 239.6 pounds
                                                                                                                                   Weekly Weight-loss: 3 pounds
                                                                                                                                    Total Weight-loss: 9.8 pounds

 Ohhhhh noooooo! Only 3 pounds? I had watched the scale all week and MY scale says I have been losing weight at a rate of a pound a day.  A pound a day does not add up to 3 pounds.  So I drank 40 ounces of water this morning before I got here…that still doesn’t account for the other 4 pounds that should be gone! But I DO feel better this time because my stomach is no longer hurting and I DID lose 3 pounds…week 2 and I lost 3 pounds!

This week I am stocking up the food packets to last me for 3 weeks.  You heard me right! 3 weeks!  I sat down and did a rough outline of what I needed to be eating  each day taking into consideration that the restricted foods should only be eaten once a day and a couple of the items could only be eaten twice a week. The counselor didn’t have some of the items I really wanted (like chocolate pancakes) so I had to get some stuff I hadn’t tried yet (like oatmeal & crispy cereal) for breakfast.  But that just means I will have to try some new items and, who knows, maybe I will really like them.

My timeline will certainly have to change.  I had figured at a pound a day I would lose all my weight in just 100 days…a little over 3 months.  That’s certainly NOT going to happen! So I need to get more realistic about this journey and how long it will take me.  Let’s figure 2 pounds a week to be on the safe side.  I need to lose at least 100 pounds so that means it will take me about 50 weeks or close to a year to lose the weight. OK, I guess I can live with that.  Well, I really don’t have a choice, do I?  I NEED to lose this weight no matter how long it takes me to do it. So onward I go…


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