Had a really good lunch today using the Vegetable Chili packet.  I will post the recipe on the Recipe thread when I get the chance.  I got the recipe out of the “Ideal Everyday Cookbook Volume 3”.  Very satisfying.

I had quit taking all the Ideal Protein supplements because one of them was bothering my stomach.  I slowly added them back in one supplement at a time and seem to be able to tolerate them all much better now.  My stomach problems must have come about because I tried changing so many things at the same time and my stomach just didn’t like it.  Now I am taking the multi-vitamins, the Calcium-Mag and the Potassium tablet from Ideal Protein along with my own Fish/Flax/Borage Oil capsules, the Red Yeast Rice and my meds (Cozaar & Clonidine).  Lots of tablets to keep track of which is why I use a pill-minder.  Otherwise I would certainly forget to take something!

My blood pressure seems to be going quite low now.  Several times when I have taken my blood pressure it has been as low as 104/63.  But usually it is around 121/64 which will make my doctor very happy.  And that is after only losing 9.8 pounds!  Imagine what will happen as I continue to lose weight.  Maybe I will even be able to get off of some of my blood pressure medications. That would be heavenly!


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