Stopping the Ideal Protein diet?

You can rest assured that I’m not stopping the diet today.  But I came across a post somewhere else where someone was asking what we thought about them stopping the diet during the summer and returning to it in the fall.  I wrote an answer to that post and wanted to share it here.  I think it would be good for me to remember this response just in case I am ever tempted to quit before I am finished losing my weight.  Here’s the response I wrote to this person:

I can’t address the issue with the IP diet but I CAN say without a doubt that I have stalled out trying to return to other diets. Atkins  was the last one I tried to return to after going off of it for a while.  I just could not make myself get back into tracking all my carbs and figuring out net carbs or trying to find something crispy to eat (celery just doesn’t do it). I didn’t want to give up my simple carbs (candy, cinnamon rolls, homemade bread, potato chips, etc).  I just couldn’t make myself do it.

It’s kind of the same as quitting smoking.  If you quit and never start again you begin to get used to feeling better, breathing better and finding other things to do with your hands. But if you quit for a little bit and then start up again you never get to the up side of not smoking.  You have a hard time trying to quit again because now you know how truly difficult it is to stop smoking, how crappy you feel while you are quitting and you don’t want to give up the high you get from smoking.  You never got to the point where you felt so much better NOT smoking so you just don’t want to go to the work of trying to quit again.

I’m hoping this makes sense to you because I truly believe it would be a mistake for you to stop following the IP plan for the summer thinking you will restart it in the fall. Once you start eating all the food that got you overweight in the first place you will have a very difficult time giving them up again. Plus you will most likely gain any weight you had taken off and have to start all over again.  But it IS your decision and only you can make it.

Have a great day!

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