Love, love, love this diet!  I have not been tempted to cheat even one time so far and that is so unusual for me.  In the past I would have cheated at least once a week if not more by now.  I normally have really good self-control when I first start a diet and then it goes downhill from there. But this time seems different.  I don’t know if my whole attitude is just different this time because I know how very important getting this weight off is  because of my health issues or if it is the diet itself.  There is NO leeway to cheat on this diet because you end up paying for it by stalling out or having to start all over because you come out of ketosis. And lots of folks have a terrible time that first week on this diet…headaches, stomachaches, feeling really lousy. So I stay true to what I am supposed to eat and have done really well on the diet so far.

I DID stop drinking Diet Coke believe it or not.  It has been 3 days since I had even a sip of one of my most favorite drinks and I have to say that I miss it a lot.  I would drink 4 or 5 cans of the stuff every day starting with 1 or 2 with breakfast.  But the protocol for Ideal Protein says NO DIET DRINKS! Especially the brown diet drinks…Diet Coke is certainly brown!  So in order to give this diet a real chance and make sure I wasn’t doing anything to keep me from losing as fast as I can, I stopped drinking the Diet Coke. The first day I was hungrier than I had been since starting this diet but that has since settled down a little.  I can only assume the Diet Coke was preventing me from going full-on into ketosis and actually hindering my weightloss.   As long as I continue down the scale at a fairly good rate I will not drink the stuff.  But if I stall out in spite of giving up the Diet Coke I may just start drinking it again. We will see.

My legs are aching quite a bit so I will mention that to my coach when I see her on Thursday. It must be because I am not getting something from my food that I got when I ate like a pig. Will be interesting to find out what she suggests to solve this problem. I will post on here when I get a solution.

I must say I just found an absolutely wonderful herbal tea that I am in LOVE with!  Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Herbal Tea is so sweet and yummy that I didn’t need to add any sweetners or other flavorings to it at all.  Fantastic stuff!!!  My new favorite drink!

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