OK, so I went backwards a little bit yesterday and ditched the idea of giving up my beloved Diet Coke.  I know I probably should have given it more time to prove I could lose weight faster by not drinking it.  But I found I was a lot hungrier when I didn’t drink it and the weight didn’t seem to be coming off any faster.  It sure made the days seem longer when I was constantly wondering when I would be eating again because I was just too hungry.  I thought I might be overly hungry because the Diet Coke had prevented me from getting into ketosis.  So I had waited 5 days to be sure that wasn’t the case and I was STILL hungry just shortly after eating a fairly good sized breakfast. I  was really tempted to try eating the foil packages the IP food comes in so I wouldn’t be so hungry!!! That’s when I thought “This is silly, I might as well be drinking the Diet Coke!”

Of course I went overboard yesterday and drank 4 cans of the stuff because I had missed it so much.  I guess I could be considered a Diet Coke addict! But as long as I am continuing to lose weight and am not feeling like I am starving to death between meals, I will continue to drink it.


2 Responses to “01/17/2012”

  1. Jo Says:

    Nancy..I was reading in that paper you sent me the link to, that insulin inhibits ketosis. The aritificial sweetners in Diet Coke cause insulin to be released. Think about it. It may not help subdue your hunger by not drinking Diet Coke but it probably will inhibit the ketosis to some extent. Jo

    • Nan Says:

      Yup, aspartame seems to be the big culprit and in the literature it suggests the brown coloring does something too. But we also have to remember that everybody’s body is different and not everyone has the same physical response to it. So for now…until I am sure it is causing me to not lose the weight I want to lose, I will continue on the path of at least one Diet Coke in the morning. 🙂

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