I have to say this diet is going really well so far!  I know I still have tons of weight to get rid of but I am down to 225 pounds this morning from the 249.4 pounds I started at just a month ago.  That is 24.4 pounds gone in a month!  I have never lost weight at this rate before so it makes me so-o-o-o motivated to continue on long-term. Yes, I have another 80 pounds to lose.  But if I can continue to lose at least 20 pounds a month it will only take me 4 months to get the weight off…4 MONTHS!  That is not long at all considering I have been on diets for years and have lost very little weight while feeling deprived and hungry the whole time. This diet is different and I am so glad my doctor recommended I try it.

I also finally found a Walden’s Farm dressing that doesn’t taste like paste and satisfies my need for a creamy dressing.  It is the Bacon Ranch dressing.  I bought a box of it in serving size pouches because I know how easy it would be for me to have more than a serving for my salad.

Speaking of serving sizes. Many products have low stats when you eat the serving size that is recommended but if you increase the amount you use the stats don’t stay low and must be taken into consideration. The stats on this dressing are 0 carbs, 0 fat, 0 calories.  But I read a post by someone who said they were using much more than the serving size because the stats were 0/0/0 and they didn’t see any harm in it.  WRONG!

This goes for any product you consume, you need to stick to the serving size recommended.  A manufacturer legitimately can claim a product has 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat even when there is actually a small amount of each of those in the product.  For example: a product may actually contain .49 grams of fat per 2 tablespoon serving but is able to show 0 (zero) grams of fat on the label.  Since .49 grams of fat is considered negligible in our diet they don’t have to show that it contains any fat at all but increasing how much you consume to 5 tablespoons will actually have you consuming 1.22 grams of fat you didn’t even know you were eating!  If you do that every day a couple of times a day it can really add up!!!bA week’s worth of salads could have you consuming an extra 17 grams of fat and all the while you think you are getting 0 grams of fat while you consume the product.

The same holds true for carbs.  If there is less than .5  grams per serving the company can list it as 0 (zero) grams!  There are lots of products out there that have deliberately lowered the serving size on their product so they can claim 0 (zero) for key nutritional stats.  This makes me angry! One product I recently ran into is a good example.  Molly McButter & Land O’ Lakes both make a cheese sprinkle that I have tried on my morning omelet.  Molly McButter lists a serving size as 1 teaspoon, which isn’t much and certainly is not enough to make any difference for those omelets, and lists that it contains 1 gram of carbs .  I wasn’t too impressed with the taste of the Molly McButter version although, I DO have to confess, I didn’t realize I needed to refrigerate the product and had used it after having opened it some weeks earlier.  Someone suggested the Land O’ Lakes cheese sprinkles so I purchased a container of those, brought them home and refrigerated them ( I finally learned from the last time).  I decided to use some on an omelet the next morning and sprinkled them over the omelet.  I then looked at the nutritional label…silly me I should have looked at it before I tried them.  And their serving size is…wait for it…1/2 teaspoon!  WHAT?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!  1/2…that is one half…teaspoon!!!!! I’m sure they did this so they can claim that there were 0 (zer0) carbs in the product.

Lots of companies do this and it is frustrating.  It used to be a can of soda was 2 servings.  How many people do you know that drink 1/2 of a can of soda?  But that finally got changed.  So why aren’t other products following suit?  Why can’t there be standard serving sizes that are the same across the board? Then, if nothing else, we can determine how much of a nutritional category we are actually consuming.  Like those carbs that are probably contained in the Land O’ Lakes Cheese Sprinkles!!!  Do I still use them?  You will have to wait for another day when I will write about the different things I have tried so the omelets taste even better than the already do. 🙂


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