I am absolutely LOVING the Ideal Protein Diet!  I have never, and I mean never(!), said that about a diet before!!!

When I am hungry for something sweet, there is something sweet to consume.  When I am craving something crunchy, there is something crunchy to eat.  When I am requiring something warm, thick & comforting, there is something warm, thick & comforting. When I just need to have something with that chewy mouth feel, there is something with a chewy mouth feel.  What other diet can you say that about which allows you to lose approximately 3 pounds a week and not be famished while you are doing it?  None that I have come across!!!

There are all sorts of sweet bars, shakes, puffs & even a chocolate chip cookie to eat.  For savory crunchy there are the cheese curls, cheddar crackers and bbq crackers or sweet crunchy stuff like chocolate puffs, apple cinnamon puffs or lemon puffs. For warm, thick & comforting there are soups or I can warm up a shake if I want hot chocolate.  And there are bars of all different textures, sweetness level & flavors.  Lots of stuff to choose from so I can satisfy whatever I am hungry for.

I generally feel very satisfied after eating a meal.  I get hungry at appropriate times during the day.  I don’t feel like I am starving to death between meals like I have on other diets.

I would recommend this diet to anyone who has a lot of weight to lose.  Even folks who only have 20 or so pounds to lose could benefit from it greatly. But the weight seems to be flying off and it is easy to keep motivated to stay on the diet protocol and not cheat in any way when I can see the numbers going down, down, down on the scale.  I started on December 9, 2011 at a weight of 249.4 pounds.  I am currently at 221.8 pounds.  I have lost 27.6 pounds in 7 weeks…that’s 3.9 pounds a week!!! I am thrilled!

I brought out some tops I had stored away last year because they were too small for me and tried them on yesterday.  They fit again!  My jeans are looser and much more comfortable now so when I sit down I don’t feel like my circulation is being cut off.  And these are stretchy jeans so they must have been stretched to the max before I started losing weight. 😦  I have another container of clothes stored that are one more size smaller than the ones I just started wearing and then I will have to go shopping.  Oh, darn, I will HAVE to go shopping…LOL!!!

Do not wait one more minute to go on this diet.  Find a location near you by using the location finder on this website: Ideal Protein Website  Then get started on doing something for yourself that will have a profound impact on your life.  DO IT TODAY!!!!


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