I tried a couple of new things today and had some very positive results.  First I made pancakes out of the IP Maple Oatmeal mix and was quite pleased with them.  Then for lunch I decided to use my IP Leek Soup mix and make waffles and stuff them with my salad & vegetables.  They turned out OK.  The flavor was there but I had trouble keeping the vegetables and lettuce inside the rolled up waffle so don’t think I really care to use them like that again.  Maybe if I could have placed some mayo on them and had meat & cheese to make them more like a real sandwich I might have liked them better. This might be a good idea to keep on hand for when I go to Phase 2.  Then I could use them as bread to make a sandwich for my lunches.  I will post the recipes for both of these items when I get done here.

I’m still steadily losing.  According to my scales here at home I now weigh 220.4 pounds…that’s a loss of 29 pounds! Am continuing to get out the clothes I had stored away because they were too small and even more of them are fitting very well.  🙂

I go for my official weigh-in on Thursday and I am actually looking forward to it! Who would have thought I would ever say something like that?  I have a call into my doctor’s office asking about adjusting my high blood pressure meds because my pressure is getting too low.  Yesterday it got down to 99/57 at one point!  I’m on two medications right now so I need some direction about which one to cut back on.

So I will post again on Thursday to let you know the “official” weigh-in stats.  See you then!


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