Oh, wow, I gained a pound this morning!  Now, normally, I would be freaking out and deciding that this diet doesn’t work and I might as well just eat everything in the house.  I would start in the cupboard with the sugary treats then move on to potato chips then I might make a trip to the store and get more stuff that would be fat-filled, sugar-filled and deep-fat fried.  But not THIS time!  No, no, no!!! This time I understand what is going on and am very calm after seeing that extra pound this morning.

Yesterday was a total mess.  I was running all over the place all day long and trying to juggle the needs of a four-year-old and a 3-month-old and still try to manage my own needs. 

First we had to travel to my clinic which is 30 minutes away.  The kids were very good while we were there but that doesn’t mean it was stress free because they still needed attention.  Having them there with me while I was getting measured, weighed and getting my food for the next 3 weeks was hard.  My back was killing me yesterday because of the number of times I had to load & unload the baby carrier with a 13 pound baby in it.  We then headed home and it was time to start lunch for the 4-year-old while trying to keep him entertained.  The baby decided she was hungry in the middle of all this so I got her bottle ready, made sure the lunch for the 4-year-old was done and ready to rest, then started feeding the baby.  Half way through the bottle after the burp, I sat the 4-year-old down to eat and every 3 minutes reminded him to eat because he has a tendency to get distracted and wants to do something else…(you get the picture here, I was constantly on the move!) 

There was no time to fix my own lunch because once the kid’s lunch was over it was time to get baby ready for her nap and the 4-year-old ready to go to preschool.  I was able to lay baby down for her nap because my husband happened to come home and he was able to stay here with her while I drove the 4-year-old to his preschool (15 minutes each way). Otherwise I would have had to keep her up until we left and her nap would have been off-kilter like it was in the morning which doesn’t make for a happy baby! Once I got back from taking the 4-year-old to preschool I was able to start my lunch and then eat it.  By the time I was able to sit down and eat lunch it was close to 2:00 pm.  Way later than I normally eat so I was overly hungry but I didn’t eat more than my alloted amount.

I had no time to sit and rest as it was soon time to go pick up the 4-year-old and his two older sisters from school.  Poor baby was still sleeping but we needed to go so I packed her up and went to pick up the older 3.  Brought everyone back to my place and then my daughter picked them up shortly after that. 

My husband and I had an appointment we had to go to at 6:00 pm but I had eaten lunch so late that there was no way I could eat before we left, so I had to wait until we got back at 8:00 pm (once again traveling for 30 minutes each way).  I then made my planned supper and ate it plus I ate my planned snack bar.

My back was really hurting from carting baby & the baby carrier around all day that I decided to take a Tylenol PM so I would get a good night’s sleep.  I DID sleep well but taking Tylenol always makes me gain a little weight the next day.  The rest of the weight probably came from a combination of all the traveling I did and eating so late.  But I didn’t eat anything extra or off-protocol.  I only ate what I had planned on eating so I am glad I had planned ahead and knew exactly what I was going to be eating yesterday.  I just wish I would have done a better job of preparing some of the items ahead of time, like the cauliflower for lunch. But I was glad I stayed on-plan because I felt confident that the extra pound I saw today was not a permanent thing…it should go away fairly quickly.

The lesson to take away from all this is life is chaotic and it impacts our weight-loss no matter how careful we try to be.    If you are like me, you have a tendency to give up when things don’t go exactly to your plan.  It is important to not lose our focus when things don’t go exactly how we plan and to not let it discourage us. This time I intend to continue to follow the IP protocol and I know that things will eventually even out again.  I know for certain it will because this diet really DOES work!


2 Responses to “02/03/2012”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hello Fellow IPer! I just had an idea for you, as I often have days like the one you described. I always keep a bar in my purse / car so that if I am running around and running late for a meal, or get caught somewhere I’m not stuck without any food. I know you said you have your bar for snack, but if you were to switch it for lunch on those days that are a bit more chaotic you wouldn’t have to go so long without eating. When I can plan ahead for being gone I will also bring a bag of veggies, but if not at least I have my bar and I’m not ravenous when it comes time to eat again. Hope this helps!!

    • Nan Says:

      Thanks Michelle, very good idea. I really DO like my bars in the evening though because they kind of finish off the day for me. They satisfy me in a way that prevents me from foraging in the kitchen all evening. 🙂
      But for the very, very hectic days like Thursday was, it would be a fantastic idea to eat one and then maybe have a drink for my snack.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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