Well, I am finally back down to the weight (220.4) I was on January 30th and then again on February 1st.  So this is the third time I have landed on this weight.  My weight keeps popping back up from here and I haven’t cheated at all…not one extra bite of anything and nothing that isn’t on-protocol. The first time it went up just .2 (2/10ths) of a pound and then went back down the next day.  But this last time it climbed up over a 3 day period going up a total of  2.2 pounds.   Now, 5 days after it started to climb, I am back to where I was. 

I KNOW I have not eaten 7,700 calories to cause me to gain 2.2 pounds (3500 extra calories equals 1 added pound).  In fact, I have been meticulous to not eat anything off-protocol because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t sabotaging myself in some way.  Yes, my schedule has been way out of whack but I am still consuming exactly what I should be consuming even if it isn’t at exactly at the same time as I was formerly eating.

I DO believe I have figured out what the problem is though.  My body just doesn’t want to move from this weight and is struggling to maintain it.  I had been at 220 for a number of years before I put on those last 29 pounds so my body says “NO!!! I like it at this weight!!!  I’m familiar with this weight…don’t lose any more!!!!!! “.  Sorry body, we need to get rid of this extra fat because we will be healthier without it.  Trust me, you will feel a whole lot better if you don’t have extra fat wrapped around your organs, your feet won’t hurt because  they are having to carry around extra poundage and your heart will be better able to pump the blood without getting your blood pressure excessively high.

So I am continuing to follow the Ideal Protein Diet protocol without a doubt that eventually my body will cooperate and start the downward trend again. No doubt at all! 🙂


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