Happy Valentine’s Day! I am hoping that the people you love didn’t give you any candy today.  And if they did, I am hoping you resisted the urge to eat any of it!  Just give it away to someone else or trash it.  They aren’t doing you any favors by tempting you with something you have struggled with all your life.  Keep focused and resist that temptation…eat an Ideal Protein Double Chocolate Bar instead!!!

I’ve spent most of the morning revamping the Recipe Section of this blog so everyone can find items a little easier.  I also added a few things that I have discovered help me to make the recipes more palatable. Give them a try and see if they help you too.

I have my next weigh-in on Thursday which is only two weeks from my last weigh-in instead of the normal 3 weeks.  I had already scheduled a doctor’s appointment that day so we decided to have my weigh-in the same day so I didn’t have to travel two weeks in a row.  I am both excited and unsure about the weigh-in this time.  I have stayed on-protocol every day but my weight is doing funny things.  Sunday I was down to 217.6 pounds, then Monday I was up to 219 pounds and today I am back down to 217.6 pounds.  Up, down, up, down!!  So will I be up or will I be down on Thursday?  I had taken a Tylenol for a headache on Sunday and I usually gain weight when I do that…don’t know why but it happens anyway.  I’m hoping I will be down at least another pound by then but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I will be seeing my doctor about the blood work I had done on Monday.  I am hoping my cholesterol will be significantly down and my potassium will be at a normal level.  My blood pressure has been good with my current medication but I am hoping at some point, as I continue to lose weight, that I will be able to discontinue this last medication as well.  That would be just wonderful!

I will let you all know what I find out on Thursday…see you then!


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