So yesterday when I bought my products for the next 3 weeks I found out there was a new product…Chicken Noodle Soup.  Oh, I am looking forward to trying this one out tomorrow.  Now I know it won’t taste exactly like the real chicken noodle soup but if it even comes close it will be fantastic.  Or am I setting myself up for disappointment? None of the IP products taste like the real deal because all those real foods have lots of stuff that isn’t all that good for me in them.  But I am willing to give the IP Chicken Noodle Soup a shot and see how well it satisfies that chicken-noodle-soup-craving.

I had tried the new IP Mashed Potatoes but ended up putting them in a pancake because the texture made me leery of trying them plain.  I really SHOULD be brave and try them plain to see if they taste anything like real potatoes.  Can’t imagine that they will though.  I can always turn them into pancakes again if I don’t like them 🙂

I picked up some IP Blueberry Pudding too.  I’m hoping they will satisfy my yearning for fruit.  But if I don’t like them as pudding I will turn them into pancakes too  I am beginning to see a pattern here!  If I don’t like something I turn it into a pancake…makes it much more palatable!!!


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