So I did something really stupid the last couple of days.  I tested whether I really couldn’t have a couple of foods they tell us not to have and I have paid for it by gaining 2 pounds…UGH! 

The first item was cheese.  I don’t want a lot of cheese, just some nice gooey cheese melted on my IP Omelet Mix that I make into scrambled eggs.  I wanted American Cheese because my memory of eating it melted on eggs made it seem like it was the nectar of the gods…LOL!  I looked at all the packaged American Cheese slices available at the store and decided I would try the 2% because the 0% fat cheese actually had SUGAR in it!  So I tried it the next morning on my scrambled eggs and was really disappointed that there wasn’t much taste to it and it didn’t have the creaminess I was looking for either.  So the next day (I don’t give up easily no matter how really stupid the thing I am doing turns out to be) I grabbed some regular fat cheese I have for my husband to use and put a slice of THAT on my scrambled eggs. It didn’t meet that memory I had of cheese on my eggs either!!!  Apparently my tastes have changed and I don’t really NEED to have cheese on my eggs any more.  The need was all in my head and I let my head become obsessed with the idea that I just HAD to have cheese on my eggs to make them taste better.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

The second thing I did had to do with not finding a salad dressing that tastes good.  I decided to use a regular fat brand of Ranch Dressing that I formerly used all the time.  I stuck with the regular serving size of 2 tablespoons and only had it once but knew it was going to come back and bite me at some point.  I really DO need to work on finding a dressing that I can enjoy that doesn’t have dairy products and sugar in it.  I eat the Walden Farms dressings but I don’t really like them so it is never quite as satisfying to eat them on my salads.

So now that I have gained 2 pounds back (that I thought I had lost forever) I know I need to make sure I don’t wander off the path again because of an obsession over something I THINK I am missing out on.  If I keep focusing on the things I “can’t” have instead of all the wonderful things I “can” have my mind will let me justify eating just about anything.

I know those 2 pounds will go away quickly because I haven’t let them derail me into doing even more dumb things like eating everything in the house (something I would have done in the past).  Instead I am back on-protocol eating the good foods I know will help me lose my weight.


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