This is a copy of a post I am thinking about posting on one of my bulletin boards.  It reflects how I feel about people who say they want to lose weight but make excuses for not following the diet they have chosen to  be on.

OK folks, some of you have hit my HOT button.  And I am going to forewarn you this isn’t going to be a gentle, “oh, that’s OK” response. I apologize right up front because I KNOW I’m going to offend some of you but I can’t let these posts go by without responding to them.  And I am passionate about this topic.

The Ideal Protein Diet works if you follow it.  There is no reason in the world to try to pick the lowest carb IP packet or the least caloric foods as long as you are following the protocol.  It’s already figured out for you. I don’t count calories & I don’t keep track of how many carbs I have eaten…I just follow the protocol. The protocol is 1 IP packet for breakfast, 1 IP packet for lunch along with 2 cups of the allowed vegetables, 8 ounces of any allowed protein and 2 cups of allowed vegetables for supper, 1 IP Packet for a snack whenever you want it, at least 8 cups of water, 1 cup of caffeinated coffee (if you want it) with 1 ounce of skim milk in the morning with another 1 cup of water added to counteract the coffee and one of your packets can be a restricted packet.  That’s it!  We don’t have to count calories, count carbs or obsess about how much of anything to eat because it is all set out there for us to follow. If someone tells you to eat your higher carb packets only in the morning, they aren’t following the protocol.  If they tell you to not eat any restricted packets for the first two weeks, they aren’t following the protocol. If they tell you can only eat your restricted packets in the morning, they aren’t following the protocol.  We can eat these things any time of the day that works best for us.  If we follow the actual protocol, we lose weight…it’s that simple!

Yes, we can tweak it a little bit to meet our individual needs.  Like you folks who are exercising much more than the moderate exercise recommended may need an additional IP packet (1/2 before exercising & 1/2 after exercising is the recommendation, I believe).  And we don’t have to eat the packets as is, we can turn them into all sorts of yummy things.

But we don’t eat cake, we don’t eat fruit, we don’t eat whatever our little old heart desires because THAT is what got us overweight to begin with! Why pay all that money for the IP products if all we are going to do is eat what we want to eat anyway…seems like a waste of money to me.  If you want to do a high protein, low carb diet and not follow the IP protocol, go on the new Atkins Diet. That is what I would be doing if I wanted to go to the trouble of keeping track of my carbs & calories.

Phase 4 is when we can figure out our tolerance level for carbs.  By that time, we will have lost all this excess weight and, in the process, learned more about WHY we eat some of the things we eat.  Like justifying eating a piece of cake because it is our son’s first cake…OK, but it isn’t YOUR first cake.  Celebrate your son’s milestone by honoring his mom wanting to be healthier so she can be around to celebrate more milestones in his life.

I have ALWAYS tried to figure out how much I can get away with when I am on a diet because I HATE being told I can’t eat something. And I can justify eating just about anything because that is what I have always done in the past.  That is why I am OBESE! That is why I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I ended up being pre-diabetic.  But this diet can satisfy anything I am craving for and I am still losing weight at a faster pace than I have EVER lost weight. The hankering for creamy cheese on my eggs is the only thing I have not been able to find an allowable substitute for and I figure I can wait to have cheese again after I have lost my weight.  After all, this strict protocol is not forever and acting like an adult by postponing giving in to all my desires is something I should have learned a long time ago.

Too often people will try to justify not following the protocol and then come back a month or two later whining because they can’t figure out why they aren’t losing weight as rapidly as everyone else seems to be.  Then they blame the diet.  If you want to cheat then that is your prerogative.  But if you continue down that path, you will ALWAYS find what you think is a very good reason for eating off-protocol and you will always have a weight problem.  Our behavior needs to be changed if we ever hope to lose this weight forever.  Let’s start by not justifying eating off-protocol.


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