It is now official!  I have hit the 100’s AND I have lost over 50 pounds…officially!!!

Had my weigh-in this morning and was very pleased with the numbers that I had.  I was kind of concerned because I have been taking a few pain meds to help me deal with an issue I am having physically and thought they might interfere with my weight-loss but they didn’t seem to affect me in that way.  This morning when I weighed on my home scale it said an even 197 pounds.  So after eating breakfast I put on my lightest clothing and took off all my jewelry (you know every ounce counts!) and off I went for my weigh-in.  So glad the food I ate and the water I drank this morning didn’t hinder me being under 200 for the official scale because I think I might have been a little disappointed if it had.

Total loss for the 3 weeks since I last weighed-in was 6.4 pounds. A little over 2 pounds per week.  And I am not complaining about those numbers at all!  Still LOVE this diet even after 17 weeks!!! The Ideal Protein Diet is the absolute best way to deal with that excess weight. I’m so glad my physician suggested it to me…she’s the best!


2 Responses to “04/05/2012”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You have done an outstanding job on your weightloss!!!….keep it up, you will be at your goal before you know it!….i gree with you IP is the BEST program around, 11months and 143lbs gone for me!!!

    • Nan Says:

      WOW! I am very impressed by your weightloss, Lisa! Can you imagine any other diet that would let you lose that amount of weight in that short of time and still be able to maintain your health? I certainly can’t. Thanks for the encouragement!

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