Stall! How many times have we all hit a stall or plateau in our quest to lose weight? It has happened to me many, many times and in the past I would often just give up and go back to eating the same foods I have always eaten when I need to be comforted…cake, cookies, ice cream, breaded & fried everything, cinnamon rolls with tons of butter on them, baked potatoes with tons of butter on them, anything with tons of butter on it, French fries, breaded onion rings, chocolate.  I think you get the picture.  I figured since I felt like I was starving all the time and I was sacrificing so much by denying myself all that food that tasted so fantastic and produced tons of feel-good-endorphins in my brain then the pounds should be dropping off me quickly. And since my body wasn’t cooperating, then I might as well just give up and start eating those foods again. Total Fat Person Logic! Along with the fact that I was sabotaging myself by eating all the wrong foods while I was trying to lose weight the Fat Person Logic just added to the result of me failing one more diet.  But the subject I want to concentrate on today is the Fat Person Logic.

 Fat Person Logic is what we use to justify all our bad-for-us-eating-habits. It’s what we use when we don’t want to have to put in the effort it takes to live a healthier lifestyle because it’s just too hard. It’s what we use when we try to fill the empty place within our emotional selves with food (emotional eating) instead of figuring out the reasons we have that empty place and finding better ways of dealing with it. It’s what we use when we won’t even try to follow through with something because we think we will just fail at it…again. It’s not that we want to fail at eating healthy but our Fat Person Logic tells us we must be failing since the pounds are not coming off (stalling). We must be doing something WRONG so why try anymore!  Fat Person Logic is childish.  It’s the ‘I want what I want when I want it and there will be no denying me because I deserve it IMMEDIATELY’ child within us!  And, of course, it needs to come easily with no hard work required!!!

 So I have been stalled for while again.  This time it lasted for 10 days. Fat Person Logic tells me to give up and go eat all those “yummy” foods because there is no use in sticking with this diet since it seems to not work for me.  But NOT THIS TIME!  This time I am not listening to that Fat Person voice!  I KNOW why I have been stuck for 10 days and it has absolutely nothing to do with me eating too much or not doing enough exercise. Here is what my weight has looked like for the last 10 days:































 As you can see, I have been going back & forth between 197 and 198.4 with most of the time at 198.2.  I’m fairly certain the reason I have been stuck here for this length of time has to do with me having been at this weight for a number of years before I started gaining even more weight. Our bodies seem to want to stay at weights we have previously maintained and often will stall for a time at those weights. I know for certain I had not eaten 4200 extra calories to gain 1.2 pounds on the 8th. No way!  I know for a fact that I had a calorie deficit for all of those days.

Fat Person Logic & Skinny Person Logic would demand that I cut more calories to make my body lose the weight.  Not a good idea when I am already on a very low-calorie diet as this would actually have the opposite effect and encourage my body to think I was starving and hold on to the weight even harder.

 Fat Person Logic & Skinny Person Logic would say for me to increase my calorie burn by doing more intense exercise.  But that could actually cause my body to burn muscle to try to meet the need for more calories since my diet is already so low in calories.

 Fat Person Logic would say “I might as well give up since this diet is not working for me!” But this diet IS working for me as witnessed by my over 50 pound weightloss so far.

 No Fat Person Logic allowed here!  Instead I have been able to think like an adult and recognize what is happening and be willing to wait for my body to adjust.  The key has been to stay faithful to the Ideal Protein Diet and continue to eat on-protocol every day.  Patience is important. Plus it helps to be on a diet where the amount of food I get to eat is fantastic.  And this morning I was rewarded with a weight of…wait for it…wait for it…196.6 pounds!!!

 I am hoping the downward trend will now begin again but, if it doesn’t, I still won’t let that Fat Person Logic take over. I will be patient and allow the diet to work as it was designed to work.


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