I had my weigh-in yesterday.  Once again I was thrilled!  I lost another 6.6 pounds for a total of 56.8 pounds in 20 weeks!  That is an average of 2.84 pounds per week.  I have never ever had weightloss that was this consistent for this length of time before.  And I never feel deprived or overly hungry which are the two things that always ended up sabotaging my previous efforts to get rid of these excess pounds.

Today has been an extremely difficult day.  I was way overextended yesterday getting to my weigh-in (a 40 minute drive each way) with the two little ones and then getting the 4-year-old to and from preschool (a 20 minute drive each way) and trying to get the 5-month-old to please, please, please take a nap between all the traveling we were doing (she will NOT sleep in the car!). Then last night I couldn’t sleep.  I have lots on my mind with dealing with the little ones and trying to get my dad moved into a senior center.  I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep so am feeling excessively tired along with totally worn out from yesterday’s traveling…not a good combination for me. 

In the past I would have started shoving food into my mouth in an effort to give me some badly needed comfort and energy.  And I would have done that from the moment I got up until bed time tonight.  But not this time!  Today I recognize that all of those things are going on and I just need to stay focused and eat the food that is on-protocol.  I had IP banana pancakes for breakfast (yum) made from the IP Banana Pudding. I fixed a large lettuce salad for lunch with 1 cup of raw vegetables and some of my orange dressing and had some IP Potato Soup with 1 cup of vegetables (some green onions, jalapeno pepper & cauliflower) cooked & added to it.  Very filling. Tonight I will have another 2 cups of vegetables cooked and maybe some sirloin steak and then I will have an IP White Choco  Crispy Bar for dessert.  All of this food was and will be on-protocol.  I will get through today and tomorrow will be an even better day because I didn’t cheat one bit today!

Have a great day!



8 Responses to “04/27/2012”

  1. valdrake Says:

    Hi, Nan: As always, you’re an inspiration as you are so determined and focused and staying on protocol despite the stress and temptations. Miss you on the forum but am hoping that things sort themselves out with your Dad! Cheers, Val

    • Nan Says:

      Hi Val,
      Thanks for the comments. Hopefully my time will free up soon and I can participate more on our SparkPeople team. Thanks for being such a big part of our team!

  2. Christine Says:

    Hi there! I love your blog and am very impressed by your success. I am following the Ideal Protein program as well , however I’m struggling. I feel deprived and then in turn get discouraged. I’ve lost 30lbs and have been off and on following the program since November. I have 60 more lbs to go and need to find the motivation some how to keep with it and no cheating!

    • Nan Says:

      Thanks Christine! I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with the diet. Feeling deprived can make staying motivated tough. But don’t let that stop you from continuing to try. Can I ask what you are wanting to eat that you feel is not available on the IP diet? Maybe we can brainstorm ways for you to meet that craving in an IP approved way.

      • Christine Says:

        I typically crave junk that I shouldn’t be eating anyways..like ice cream and carbs. My issue is I am such a picky eater and there are only certain foods on IP that I enjoy. I like the peanut bars, southwest curls, chocolate drink, herb and cheese omelet and cappucinno drink. I’m trying to avoid eating the restricted foods. The sugar demon inside me is having a hard time giving it up…then I fall off the diet and keep saying I will start again tomorrow. Like tonight for example, I just went and a huge ice cream sundae…which now my stomach is killing me….any suggestions would be great!

        • Nan Says:

          Ice cream…that one is hard but I know there is an ice cream we can make using IP products. I will see if I can find the recipe and post it under my recipes. My advice is to not avoid using the restricted foods as they help keep us full and satisfy some of those cravings we have. We can have one restricted item per day and that is exactly what I do every day. If you can avoid eating off-plan for a full week, you will find a lot of those cravings will disappear for you. It also helps if you can clear them out of your house then you won’t have access to them as easily.

          • Nan Says:

            I just posted an ice cream recipe in the RECIPE section. If you try it, let me know how it turns out…OK? See you on SparkPeople! Glad you joined our team!

          • Christine Says:

            Thanks I will try it!

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