This post will bring everyone up to date on what has been happening since my successful surgery on July 2, 2012.

For the first month after surgery I had to be careful and eat mostly easily digested food.  I couldn’t eat raw vegetables so I ate soft cooked vegetables instead.  I mostly stuck to the Phase 3 type of eating but didn’t eat any salads.  I have to admit, I didn’t do very well at sticking to even Phase 3…but I DID try.  I ended up gaining about 4 pounds by August 1.

So since August 1 I have been trying to get myself back on Phase 1 because I still have about 30 – 40 pounds to lose.  When I found out I would be having the surgery and then was informed I would need to phase off the diet because my body would not be able to tolerate the vegetable load for a while, I was not happy.  I know myself well enough that I KNEW I would have a tough time getting myself back on the protocol if I stopped following it for a while. And I was right.

I have been trying to stick with the Phase 1 protocol since August 1 and have struggled with it every step of the way.  I find myself doing great for a small period of time and then I get overly stressed and thoroughly exhausted from stuff I am having to deal with and, instead of dealing with the issues properly, I dive into the carbs to get the good-feeling-chemicals going in my head.  And they work for a little bit!  I DO feel better for a tiny bit of time!!!  But then I not only have to deal with the same stress and exhaustion but I also have to deal with the guilt and the weight gain from eating those carbs.  I really DO need to find other ways to make myself feel better when I get in these situations because life always includes stress and exhaustion. At least, MY life always includes stress and exhaustion lately.

So today I am back on-protocol and feeling great!  I am learning to adjust to having to take lunch with me instead of being able to cook something at home.  I much prefer to eat something hot (like potato soup, chicken a la king, or chicken noodle soup) and a salad for lunch.  But since I am gone at lunch time most days I am using the Ready to Drink vanilla or chocolate drinks and taking cut up raw vegetables with me instead.  I’m looking forward to the day I can start eating my regular lunches again which won’t be for at least a month.

I measured myself today and posted those.  I must measure differently than my coach did because my measurements look like I have put on inches.  But I can tell by the fit of my clothes that I haven’t added any inches and, in fact, have probably lost more.  So I will just continue measuring myself so they will be consistent from now on even when I do start seeing my coach again.

It’s good to be back!


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