Oh my gosh!  I could not believe I didn’t have even one IP Omelet package left this morning!  I went to the cupboard to pull out a packet and instead of seeing one all I saw was empty space!!!  The omelet is my go-to breakfast and I thought I had another whole box stored away but I have been so-o-o-o busy lately that I must have eaten them ALL!!!!!!!!!!  I need to go see my coach as soon as possible and get many, many boxes so this doesn’t happen again…LOL!

Since I didn’t have any omelet packets left, I decided to make some vanilla pudding pancakes instead.  I looked at my Torani syrups and decided the praline flavor sounded good.  I put in the syrup, added some Rum Extract, the egg whites, some Splenda to Go (that is liquid Splenda…love it!), sea salt  and stirred it all up.  I opened my IP packet and poured it into the liquid and started whisking it and thought…hmmm that looks a little thin!  I checked the packet…I had grabbed the Vanilla Drink mix not the Vanilla Pudding mix…LOL!  I decided to go ahead and see if they would make decent pancakes anyway and went ahead and cooked them.  They turned out great!!! And they kept me very satisfied all morning long.  So it worked out just fine.

That was a very surprising start to a very busy day.  I’m just glad the remainder of the day went very smoothly! Reminder to self…call the clinic tomorrow and stock up on Omelet mixes!!!


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