I had my first official weigh-in today since my surgery in July.  I ran out of my favorite breakfast…the IP Omelet mix so I HAD to go to my clinic and step on that scale.  The official numbers aren’t as good as my morning weigh-ins but the measurements are better than my own so I will delete the measurements that I did myself posted under the weigh-ins and only put the official weigh-ins on there.

So I picked out my omelet mixes and got some more Oatmeal mixes (for my rhubarb bake) and then I asked if there were any new items since my last visit.  My coach said “have you tried the Vanilla Crispy Squares, they taste like rice krispie treats”.  WOW…rice krispy treats?!?!  I LOVE rice krispy treats!!!!  So, of course, I got a box of them and had to try one out for lunch.  People, if you like rice krispy treats, you will LOVE these!  They are so-o-o-o good!!!  I did notice that they have sugar listed as an ingredient so if you are extremely sensitive to sugar you may not be able to tolerate these without them causing you some issues.  But if I don’t suddenly begin to have cravings I will continue to eat these.  They are now my new favorite after dinner snack…yum! I think I should have bought 3 boxes of them instead of just one since I won’t be back for another weigh-in for 3 weeks.  But I am so psyched about getting to eat these.


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