Today was weigh-in day.  Since I go 3 weeks between each weigh-in you would think I would lose a large amount of weight…not!  I seem to struggle with my eating at least once a week and last week it was Friday so I hadn’t fully recovered from that and the numbers showed it.  But I’m not going to get depressed because I chose to go off-protocol a few times.  Instead I got right back on-protocol with my food choices and I fully intend to stay focused and get my forward momentum back until I conquer this weight.  I also really need to find ways of coping with bad days other than turning to bad-for-me-foods. They really don’t solve anything and actually end up causing damage to my body that I really don’t need.

I will be posting my weigh-in results shortly but I also took some new pictures to show how far I have come.  I intend on posting those here and also printing off some before and after photos to post on my refrigerator.  When I look in the mirror I don’t recognize that I look all that different than I did at 249.4 pounds.  My eyesight seems to be very skewed when it comes to my body image. I still see fat me when I look in the mirror. So I intend to post those pictures in my kitchen, in my bathroom and maybe even in my bedroom so I can see what I truly look like.

Taken in December 2011 at 249.4 pounds.

Taken October 29, 2012 at 163.6 pounds

NOW I see the difference!  I tried to arrange the camera exactly the same each time so if you look at the panels on the door you can see how much smaller I am. It’s amazing how our eyes can fool us when we look in the mirror.  I would encourage everyone to take some time to get photos taken so you can see how well you are doing too!


2 Responses to “10/29/2012”

  1. Vicky M Says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure on Ideal Protein. I just started two weeks ago with numbers very close to yours. I am looking forward to hopefully following in your footsteps.

    • Nan Says:

      Good luck on your journey! You can do this!!!

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