I had my weigh-in yesterday and, I won’t lie, I was expecting a larger loss.  I have been doing really well staying on-protocol for the last 3 weeks except for a stupid day on Friday.  But I really thought I would get at least 2 pounds per week which should have been a 6 pound loss for the time period.  Instead I lost 2.6 pounds total.  I know, I know, I keep saying any loss is a good loss.  But sometimes a person just needs that big loss to spur them on to continue.

I DID lose a massive 1 inch from my waist!  I can tell it too because clothes off the rack are fitting so much better (size 12’s no less!).  I have always had a problem with my waist being almost the same size as my hips because I carry a lot of fat around my middle.  This diet seems to help get rid of even that hard-to-budge-fat, which I am very thankful for since that seems to be the worst place to carry fat healthwise.

I talked it over with my coach and I have decided to phase off for a while.  I am doing a Phase 1 day today (because of some indiscretions yesterday) and then I am on to Phase 3, then Phase 4 starting on Christmas.   Sometime in January I will reevaluate my status.  If I am happy with my current weight at that time, I will stay on Phase 4 but if I find I need to continue on to my initial goal of 140 pounds, I will restart Phase 1.

I got on my elliptical this morning for the first time in months and did a good 25 minute workout.  It felt really good! I’m looking forward to the challenge of figuring out how to live on Phase 4 and not let it be a free-for-all and exercise needs to be a part of that.  Thanks for following my journey with me!


2 Responses to “12/11/2012”

  1. Bliss_Om Says:

    You ARE an inspiration, Nan and you’re thoughtful approach to your journey makes sense and helps me consider the choices I will make when I near my goal. Thanks for that! I wish you all success and JOY! Enjoy the new, slender and fit YOU! You worked very hard to get here. Remember when you didn’t even think you could lost 20 lbs or 50 lbs and keep it off? Now look where you are! WOW!! You can achieve EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR DREAMS – and YOU are living proof of that! That’s AWESOME!!! Love and blessings, Bliss!

    • Nan Says:

      Thank you very much, Bliss! I know you will be just as successful with your weightloss journey because of your amazing attitude.

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