Phase 1 Day while in Maintenance

I saw a post on a website from another IP user that gave a list of items you can use for your Phase 1 day while you are in maintenance that doesn’t require Ideal Protein products.  The person had received this list from their coach, which I thought was a really nice thing for the coach to do.

Remember that this list is only to be used for a couple of days.  If you want to continue Phase 1 eating for a longer period of time, be sure to use the IP products so you can be assured that you are getting enough nutrition while staying so low-calorie.


Example 1: 2-3 egg omelet (with mushrooms & spinach or favorite vegetable), coffee with 1 oz regular milk

Example 2: 2-3 eggs scrambled with Canadian bacon, tea

Example 3: Plain Greek Yogurt (sweetened with Splenda or vanilla extract), coffee or tea with 1 oz regular milk

Example 4: 1 cup Cottage Cheese, coffee or tea


Example 1: Grilled chicken on a salad with 2 cups of select vegetables with oil & vinegar or Walden Farms dressing

Example 2: Tuna fish (in water) with celery, dill pickle relish on a bed of lettuce or spinach

Example 3: Kabobs with shrimp, beef, chicken, etc & your favorite vegetable from Phase 1


Example: 8 oz lean protein with 2 cups select vegetable & unlimited lettuce


Example 1: String Cheese

Example 2: Cottage Cheese

Example 3: Handful of nuts


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