I had my weigh-in yesterday and, I won’t lie, I was expecting a larger loss.  I have been doing really well staying on-protocol for the last 3 weeks except for a stupid day on Friday.  But I really thought I would get at least 2 pounds per week which should have been a 6 pound loss for the time period.  Instead I lost 2.6 pounds total.  I know, I know, I keep saying any loss is a good loss.  But sometimes a person just needs that big loss to spur them on to continue.

I DID lose a massive 1 inch from my waist!  I can tell it too because clothes off the rack are fitting so much better (size 12’s no less!).  I have always had a problem with my waist being almost the same size as my hips because I carry a lot of fat around my middle.  This diet seems to help get rid of even that hard-to-budge-fat, which I am very thankful for since that seems to be the worst place to carry fat healthwise.

I talked it over with my coach and I have decided to phase off for a while.  I am doing a Phase 1 day today (because of some indiscretions yesterday) and then I am on to Phase 3, then Phase 4 starting on Christmas.   Sometime in January I will reevaluate my status.  If I am happy with my current weight at that time, I will stay on Phase 4 but if I find I need to continue on to my initial goal of 140 pounds, I will restart Phase 1.

I got on my elliptical this morning for the first time in months and did a good 25 minute workout.  It felt really good! I’m looking forward to the challenge of figuring out how to live on Phase 4 and not let it be a free-for-all and exercise needs to be a part of that.  Thanks for following my journey with me!




I just remembered a discussion I had with my doctor at the initial visit that resulted in me going on this diet and I wanted to share it with you.

What did I just hear my doctor say?  Could I possibly be hearing her wrong?  Do I need to get my hearing rechecked?  She just told me not to exercise as hard as I have been doing. WHAT?!?!  We had been talking about different ways to bring my blood pressure down and I said I currently exercise for about 30 minutes every other day on the elliptical machine at a very intense pace.  She asked me if I get really sweaty and out of breath and I said “Of course!”.  When a person is as heavy as I am and we go at any pace other than a shuffle for any period longer than 2 minutes, then we are going to out of breath and sweaty!  She told me to slow it down.  A nice slow walk would do nicely.  The reason – I will be consuming a minimal amount of calories, not enough to fuel my body to do strenuous exercise.

So I slowed down.  I am still doing the elliptical but not at the same pace and not for the same length of time.  I still push beyond a slow walk but I only do it for 15 minutes every other day.  I don’t mind doing it for that length of time so it doesn’t seem to be quite the chore it was before.  And I know I sleep better when I get some exercise in.