I had my weigh-in yesterday and, I won’t lie, I was expecting a larger loss.  I have been doing really well staying on-protocol for the last 3 weeks except for a stupid day on Friday.  But I really thought I would get at least 2 pounds per week which should have been a 6 pound loss for the time period.  Instead I lost 2.6 pounds total.  I know, I know, I keep saying any loss is a good loss.  But sometimes a person just needs that big loss to spur them on to continue.

I DID lose a massive 1 inch from my waist!  I can tell it too because clothes off the rack are fitting so much better (size 12’s no less!).  I have always had a problem with my waist being almost the same size as my hips because I carry a lot of fat around my middle.  This diet seems to help get rid of even that hard-to-budge-fat, which I am very thankful for since that seems to be the worst place to carry fat healthwise.

I talked it over with my coach and I have decided to phase off for a while.  I am doing a Phase 1 day today (because of some indiscretions yesterday) and then I am on to Phase 3, then Phase 4 starting on Christmas.   Sometime in January I will reevaluate my status.  If I am happy with my current weight at that time, I will stay on Phase 4 but if I find I need to continue on to my initial goal of 140 pounds, I will restart Phase 1.

I got on my elliptical this morning for the first time in months and did a good 25 minute workout.  It felt really good! I’m looking forward to the challenge of figuring out how to live on Phase 4 and not let it be a free-for-all and exercise needs to be a part of that.  Thanks for following my journey with me!



I had my 3-week weigh-in this morning.  I lost 1.2 pounds total.  It seems like my losses are just creeping along as I get closer to my goal weight.  I’m also getting just plain tired of being on Phase 1.

I’m seriously thinking about phasing off and going into maintenance for a while.  Some days I just can’t make myself stay on-protocol.  And the closer I get to my goal weight, the harder it seems.  Is this weight “good enough”? Yes, I can be satisfied with being a size 14 and wearing medium tops. But is this weight “healthy enough”?  THAT is the real question and I don’t have a good answer for it right now.  Maybe if I phase off, start the maintenance phase and begin exercising again I will get some of my oomph back. Then at a later date I could go back onto Phase 1 and take the rest of the weight off.  I’m going to think hard about this and, if the next 3 weeks don’t go better, I will talk about it with my coach.


Today was weigh-in day.  Since I go 3 weeks between each weigh-in you would think I would lose a large amount of weight…not!  I seem to struggle with my eating at least once a week and last week it was Friday so I hadn’t fully recovered from that and the numbers showed it.  But I’m not going to get depressed because I chose to go off-protocol a few times.  Instead I got right back on-protocol with my food choices and I fully intend to stay focused and get my forward momentum back until I conquer this weight.  I also really need to find ways of coping with bad days other than turning to bad-for-me-foods. They really don’t solve anything and actually end up causing damage to my body that I really don’t need.

I will be posting my weigh-in results shortly but I also took some new pictures to show how far I have come.  I intend on posting those here and also printing off some before and after photos to post on my refrigerator.  When I look in the mirror I don’t recognize that I look all that different than I did at 249.4 pounds.  My eyesight seems to be very skewed when it comes to my body image. I still see fat me when I look in the mirror. So I intend to post those pictures in my kitchen, in my bathroom and maybe even in my bedroom so I can see what I truly look like.

Taken in December 2011 at 249.4 pounds.

Taken October 29, 2012 at 163.6 pounds

NOW I see the difference!  I tried to arrange the camera exactly the same each time so if you look at the panels on the door you can see how much smaller I am. It’s amazing how our eyes can fool us when we look in the mirror.  I would encourage everyone to take some time to get photos taken so you can see how well you are doing too!


The specialist I saw on Monday told me “no more raw vegetables for now, eat only easily digested foods”. OK…  I asked him what that diet looks like and he told me to eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread with a few cooked vegetables and a little bit of protein.  That sounds like my diet before I started the Ideal Protein way of eating!

So Monday(11th) & Tuesday(12th) I ate like he told me to eat with a few pieces of candy thrown in for good measure…how stupid was that?!?!  I ended up gaining almost 4 pounds for my stupidity (I went back up to 181.4 pounds).  I know most of it was water retention because I didn’t eat an extra 14,000 calories but it was a gain never-the-less. I thought, there must be a better way! The idea of gaining back a bunch of weight I had worked hard to get rid of was freaking me out!!!

On Wednesday (13th) & Thursday (14th) I went back on Phase 1 but didn’t have my usual salad with 2 cups of raw vegetables for lunch.  Instead I ate canned vegetables or very well cooked frozen vegetables with my packets & my supper protein.  NO pasta, rice, potatoes or bread were allowed!  By Thursday, I was back down to 180.4 pounds.

On Friday (15th) I went back to Phase 3 eating.  I would really prefer to have a big salad for lunch but, for now, I am getting by with those very well cooked vegetables.  I am still having a restricted bar or cookie at night after my supper so my sweet tooth will be satisfied.  And this morning I was rewarded with another loss.  I am now down to 176.8 pounds.  This is the lowest I have been in a very long time!

I see the surgeon on Monday (18th) to find out when my surgery will take place.  Until the surgery, I hope to continue using the Phase 3 protocol which is working very well for me.  I don’t think I will be on it for the full two weeks I should be on it unless the surgery doesn’t take place as quickly as I think it will.  I would have been on Phase 3 almost 2 full weeks if I hadn’t done that stupid stunt of eating way off protocol on the 11th & 12th.  It makes me sad to think I am still capable of sabatoging myself when the stress gets to be too much for me.  The mind is such a big, big part of this weightloss journey and I am still learning how easy it is for me to turn to food as a coping mechanism.  Not today though, today I am eating on-protocol!


I have known for a couple of weeks that I will probably need to have some major surgery done before too long.  It is possible it may happen in a couple of weeks so I need to start preparing for it.  I discussed it with my primary care physician and she strongly recommended that I phase off of the diet as she was concerned that my body wouldn’t be able to process the vegetable load post-surgery.  Since she is the one who oversees the Ideal Protein clinic that I participate in, I thought it was a good idea to follow her suggestion.

I did one day of Phase 2 on Thursday and then jumped right into Phase 3 on Friday so that I have a better chance of being on Phase 3 for two full weeks.  I have been reading a lot about people who don’t complete the two weeks on Phase 3 and they later struggle with gaining a lot of the weight back because they didn’t wake the pancreas in a controlled manner.  I don’t want to be in that position. So I am giving myself the best chance by completing Phase 3 in it’s entirety…all two weeks of it, hopefully.

Once I have recovered from my surgery, I fully intend to get back into Phase 1 and complete my weightloss journey.  I want to lose another 35 – 40 pounds to be at my best and healthiest weight. I am hoping by doing  Phase 3 correctly I won’t have the struggle of re-entering the protocol that some people have after falling off the diet.  I guess only time will tell.

I have now eaten three Phase 3 breakfasts and, I have to tell you, I feel like I am cheating on the diet. I actually had bread two mornings…toasted no less! The first breakfast was a little heavy on fat but it was something I have been dreaming about since I started this diet so I went ahead and ate it.  I will tweak it to make it less fatty but it tasted so-o-o-o good!

When I stepped on the scale the last 3 mornings I thought for sure I would have gained a little weight because of the breakfasts I have eaten but I actually have continued to lose.  I’ve lost a total of another 8/10’s of a pound the last 2 mornings!   I am now down to 177.8 pounds…yeah!!!   I know from what others have written that I will probably gain 5 pounds or so because my body will start storing glycogen again and that causes some gain.  But I will not worry about it at this point because I have an ultimate goal of being much, much lighter at a future date.  This is just a temporary bump in the road.

Stay tuned for future updates.


I had my “official” weigh-in on Thursday, June 7th.   I lost another 5.8 pounds for the three-week period bringing my “official”  total weightloss to 68.6 pounds since December 9, 2011.  I would say those are really good numbers!!!  I’ll post my stats as soon as I finish this post.

I much prefer my morning weigh-ins because, of course, I am usually at least 2 – 3 pounds lighter first thing in the morning than I am by the time I get to see my coach for my weigh-in. Thursday morning I weighed in at 178.8  pounds…a total loss of 70.6 pounds!  I LOVE the sound of that number…70 POUNDS gone, gone, gone!!!

I stocked up on lots of Chicken Ala King (yum) and Strawberry Wafers (yum, yum!).

I have more news but will leave it for my next post.  See you then!


Life has been extremely busy & stressful lately.  I do the daycare for two of my grandchildren (4-year-old boy & 6-month-old girl) during the week.  We also just moved my Dad (who has dementia)  to a senior independent living place which is closer to me and he has forgotten he agreed to move so has been reacting very badly to the move. PLUS there are ballgames for all 4 grandchildren, running back & forth to Dad’s former house (a 45 minute drive each way), keeping up with the normal day-to-day chores, etc…sigh.

So, amidst all that is going on, I am still staying on-protocol.  There have been a number of times I have thought for a second about just grabbing something quick to eat, like a sandwich, but have resisted that urge and have taken the time to fix and eat the proper foods.   This week is filled with appointments with doctors for my Dad & for myself besides all the other things going on so I need to take the time to pre-plan my meals so I don’t end up hungry and without my food.

I had my 3 week weigh-in last Thursday.  I am down another 6 pounds!  My official weight is now 186.6 pounds…a loss of 62.8 pounds since December 9, 2011.  I am actually beginning to feel pretty good about how I look.  I feel lighter. My knees don’t hurt as much when I climb stairs. It’s easier to get out of my chair to chase the 4-year-old.  I am off all meds except for my blood pressure meds and they have been cut to almost nothing.  All good things!

I got to try 2 new products this week that are fabulous!  The Chicken Ala King (which I, of course, have ramped up) & the Strawberry Wafers (nice & crispy with lots of sweetness).  Will try to post my recipe for the Chicken Ala King when I have a few extra moments…IF I ever have a few extra moments! 

I also was able to buy the new cookbook written by Chef Verati.  The recipes are created for people who are in Phase 1 & Phase 2 for their protein & veggie meal.  Each recipe feeds 4 people and each serving contains the protein we need to eat along with the 2 cups of vegetables we need to eat for that meal.  The recipes look great!  They use a lot of Walden Farms products so if you don’t have a source close to you, then order them from netrition.com…the delivery fee is only $4.95 for any size order delivered in the US.  I ordered a bunch of stuff last week and am anxiously awaiting the delivery so I can try some of the recipes in the cookbook!  Chef Verati also uses lots of celery root in his recipes.  I have never prepared or eaten this vegetable so it will be interesting to see if I like it.  Last night I tried the Crispy Chicken on page 83 which is prepared with the Ideal Protein Salt & Vinegar Ridges.  I had my own vegetables instead of preparing what he suggested.  I really liked the chicken with that extra crunch I have been missing. Yum! And I have enough chicken for 3 more meals…excellent!!!

Hope you are having as much success as I am on this wonderful plan!  Let me know what you think about the new products.