I’m still plugging along!  It gets a little frustrating when it seems like I lose the same couple of pounds over & over & over again.  But that is how weightloss works…it isn’t just a straight line downward no matter how much we want it to be.  Instead it looks something like this (I’m giving you a lot of numbers to make a point):

10/01  161.4   (-0.2)
10/02  161.8  (+0.4)
10/03  162.8  (+1.0)
10/04  163.0  (+0.2)
10/05  165.4  (+2.4)
10/06  163.6  (-1.8)
10/07  164.0  (+0.4)
10/08  162.8  (-1.2)
10/10  163.8  (+1.0)
10/11  161.8  (-2.0)
10/12  161.4  (-0.4)
10/13  164.2  (+2.8)
10/14  162.0  (-2.2)
10/15  161.0  (-1.0)
10/16  162.2  (+1.2)
10/17  160.8  (-1.4)
10/18  162.2  (+1.4)
10/19  160.6  (-1.6)
10/20 159.8  (-0.8)

That’s right, you read that correctly, I hit the 150’s this morning!  Will I stay there?  Probably not.  As you can see, there is no straight line here, it’s up, down, up, up, down, down, etc.  That’s why, if you are going to weigh yourself everyday like I do, you need to just write it down and forget about it.  You can’t freak out or stress about the gains or you will end up causing more problems for yourself like losing motivation or producing cortisol (look it up on the internet).

So, even though I seem to lose the same pounds over & over again, the overall trend is still downward.  And I am happy with that!  Hope your trend is downward too!!!



I added a few new recipes under the Recipe tab today.

I removed the old Pizza Flavored Bread recipe and put a new Pizza Bread recipe on which (I think) is better.  This new one doesn’t have any baking powder or oil in it…it really isn’t needed.  And why use your oil allotment on it if it really isn’t needed?  Use it in the next recipe!

I also added a new Sweet Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressing which is my new favorite for dressing my salads.

In case you missed it last week, I added a really good Rhubarb Bake.  It uses the Da Vinci Sugar Free Praline Syrup but you can substitute  the Vanilla Syrup instead if you want to or if that is all you have available.  I just think the Praline flavor adds a little something to it.

This week has been a struggle for me all week long because of how thouroghly exhausted I have been.  But I have managed to get through it by trying to stick with on-protocol foods when the eating urge has happened.  This week, if I have those urges to eat when I KNOW I’m not hungry but am just needing some comfort, I’m going to try chewing gum instead. The act of chewing may be all I need because I am positive I’m not needing anything more to eat.  I will let you know how it goes.


I keep fighting the SAME battle over & over & over again!  I get exhausted from working so hard and decide to take a day off and rest.  I do great with my eating until mid-afternoon and then I need to forage.  It is just a good thing I don’t keep many off-protocol foods in the house because I would eat every one of them!

I know intellectually what my problem is…I’m overly tired, stressed and a little depressed because of all the responsibilities I have regarding my dad.  So what I NEED to do is take a stupid nap!  What I do instead is try to make myself feel better by eating.  And, if I have simple carbs available to eat, it really DOES make me feel better for a little while because of all those wonderful feel-good brain chemicals they create.  Since I have very few simple carbs in the house any more I even thought about getting in the car and driving to the store to buy some…but I didn’t do it.  I tried a few sugar-free things because I was hoping if I could just satisfy the cravings they would go away.  But it wasn’t the flavor I was after, it was the sugar rush…UGH!

I came through ok THIS time and ended up eating a few sugar-free candies and an extra restricted IP item.  This battle is so frustrating to me because it is such a recurring theme in my life and I want to change how I respond to it.  Instead of turning to food, I want to instinctively turn to rest or exercise or even therapy if need be.  Getting to that point is my goal for now but, in the meantime, I’m sure I will need to continue to fight this battle over & over again until seeking comfort in ways other than eating becomes second nature to me.

How about you?  Do you struggle with this problem too?


I had my first official weigh-in today since my surgery in July.  I ran out of my favorite breakfast…the IP Omelet mix so I HAD to go to my clinic and step on that scale.  The official numbers aren’t as good as my morning weigh-ins but the measurements are better than my own so I will delete the measurements that I did myself posted under the weigh-ins and only put the official weigh-ins on there.

So I picked out my omelet mixes and got some more Oatmeal mixes (for my rhubarb bake) and then I asked if there were any new items since my last visit.  My coach said “have you tried the Vanilla Crispy Squares, they taste like rice krispie treats”.  WOW…rice krispy treats?!?!  I LOVE rice krispy treats!!!!  So, of course, I got a box of them and had to try one out for lunch.  People, if you like rice krispy treats, you will LOVE these!  They are so-o-o-o good!!!  I did notice that they have sugar listed as an ingredient so if you are extremely sensitive to sugar you may not be able to tolerate these without them causing you some issues.  But if I don’t suddenly begin to have cravings I will continue to eat these.  They are now my new favorite after dinner snack…yum! I think I should have bought 3 boxes of them instead of just one since I won’t be back for another weigh-in for 3 weeks.  But I am so psyched about getting to eat these.


Oh my gosh!  I could not believe I didn’t have even one IP Omelet package left this morning!  I went to the cupboard to pull out a packet and instead of seeing one all I saw was empty space!!!  The omelet is my go-to breakfast and I thought I had another whole box stored away but I have been so-o-o-o busy lately that I must have eaten them ALL!!!!!!!!!!  I need to go see my coach as soon as possible and get many, many boxes so this doesn’t happen again…LOL!

Since I didn’t have any omelet packets left, I decided to make some vanilla pudding pancakes instead.  I looked at my Torani syrups and decided the praline flavor sounded good.  I put in the syrup, added some Rum Extract, the egg whites, some Splenda to Go (that is liquid Splenda…love it!), sea salt  and stirred it all up.  I opened my IP packet and poured it into the liquid and started whisking it and thought…hmmm that looks a little thin!  I checked the packet…I had grabbed the Vanilla Drink mix not the Vanilla Pudding mix…LOL!  I decided to go ahead and see if they would make decent pancakes anyway and went ahead and cooked them.  They turned out great!!! And they kept me very satisfied all morning long.  So it worked out just fine.

That was a very surprising start to a very busy day.  I’m just glad the remainder of the day went very smoothly! Reminder to self…call the clinic tomorrow and stock up on Omelet mixes!!!


This post will bring everyone up to date on what has been happening since my successful surgery on July 2, 2012.

For the first month after surgery I had to be careful and eat mostly easily digested food.  I couldn’t eat raw vegetables so I ate soft cooked vegetables instead.  I mostly stuck to the Phase 3 type of eating but didn’t eat any salads.  I have to admit, I didn’t do very well at sticking to even Phase 3…but I DID try.  I ended up gaining about 4 pounds by August 1.

So since August 1 I have been trying to get myself back on Phase 1 because I still have about 30 – 40 pounds to lose.  When I found out I would be having the surgery and then was informed I would need to phase off the diet because my body would not be able to tolerate the vegetable load for a while, I was not happy.  I know myself well enough that I KNEW I would have a tough time getting myself back on the protocol if I stopped following it for a while. And I was right.

I have been trying to stick with the Phase 1 protocol since August 1 and have struggled with it every step of the way.  I find myself doing great for a small period of time and then I get overly stressed and thoroughly exhausted from stuff I am having to deal with and, instead of dealing with the issues properly, I dive into the carbs to get the good-feeling-chemicals going in my head.  And they work for a little bit!  I DO feel better for a tiny bit of time!!!  But then I not only have to deal with the same stress and exhaustion but I also have to deal with the guilt and the weight gain from eating those carbs.  I really DO need to find other ways to make myself feel better when I get in these situations because life always includes stress and exhaustion. At least, MY life always includes stress and exhaustion lately.

So today I am back on-protocol and feeling great!  I am learning to adjust to having to take lunch with me instead of being able to cook something at home.  I much prefer to eat something hot (like potato soup, chicken a la king, or chicken noodle soup) and a salad for lunch.  But since I am gone at lunch time most days I am using the Ready to Drink vanilla or chocolate drinks and taking cut up raw vegetables with me instead.  I’m looking forward to the day I can start eating my regular lunches again which won’t be for at least a month.

I measured myself today and posted those.  I must measure differently than my coach did because my measurements look like I have put on inches.  But I can tell by the fit of my clothes that I haven’t added any inches and, in fact, have probably lost more.  So I will just continue measuring myself so they will be consistent from now on even when I do start seeing my coach again.

It’s good to be back!


I saw the surgeon on Monday (June 18th) and my surgery is scheduled for July 2nd.  That means I WILL be able to complete two full weeks of Phase 3 before the surgery happens! And to top it all off, he has said I do NOT need to be on any special diet…so I am going back to eating my raw vegetables…YIPEE!!!

I will now be able to eat my big lettuce salad for lunch with more raw vegetables and my own Orange Dressing recipe.  This makes me so-o-o-o happy!  I wouldn’t have believed someone if they had told me 6 months ago that I would be so excited about being able to eat a salad for lunch.  Makes me laugh when I think about it.

The final day for Phase 3 will be June 28th and then I will go on to Phase 4 eating.  My hope is to maintain while I heal from the surgery and then get back on Phase 1 to finish getting the final 35 – 40 pounds off.  While I would have preferred to finish the weightloss before phasing off, sometimes we just have to go-with-the-flow while we deal with what happens in our lives. That’s just life, so I’m doing my best to not let it derail all the hard work I have already done.  And today is going to be a GOOD day!