Ideal Protein Products

Restricted/ Non-Restricted Food Rating comments
NR Blueberry, Cranberry Pomegranate Drink    
NR Cappuccino Drink like Needed ice so it would be really cold. See recipes for yummy ideas.
NR Chocolate Drink like This is really good after it is doctored up a bit.
NR Orange Drink    
NR Peach & Mango Drink like   Good for something a little different.
NR Pina Colada Smoothie    
NR Pineapple & Banana    
NR Pink Lemonade Drink    
NR Wildberry Yogurt Drink OK Wanted it thicker and needs to be really cold.
NR Crispy Cereal like Not as light & crunchy as Rice Krispies but will suffice. See recipes
NR Fine Herbs & Cheese Omelet Mix So-So Not quite the same texture as real eggs. Don’t expect them to taste like they contain real cheese. Prefer the regular Omelet Mix.
NR Omelet Mix like Not quite the same texture as real eggs. I like these a little better than the Fine Herb Mix & have made a few recipes with them.
NR Chicken Soup OK Texture is rather thick as they were trying to make it creamy. See “Soup Improvements” in the Recipe section.
NR Leek Soup like One of my favorites right now. 
NR Broccoli Cheese Soup OK It’s Ok but would rather have REAL cheese than this artificial stuff. See recipes for making it better.
NR Mushroom Soup OK Texture is rather thick as they were trying to make it creamy. See “Soup Improvements” in the Recipe section.
NR Tomato & Basil Soup like Nice for a change. I added more basil & more water. See recipes.
NR Soy Patty Mix OK Really dry. I added Pizza spices to ramp it up and I usually add it to a salad.
NR Raspberry Jelly Mix  So-So  Not much flavor to it.
NR Banana Pudding  like  This was good although I did doctor it up. Also made pancakes out it and liked it better.
NR Blueberry Pudding  love Make it into pancakes.
NR Butterscotch Pudding    
NR Dark Chocolate Pudding  like Make it into pancakes.
NR Lemon Pudding  dislike  Will have to be mixed with something else to be even edible.
NR Milk Chocolate Pudding like It’s good but ends up getting really thick with a funny texture to it. See Recipes.
NR Strawberry Pudding like Added strawberry flavoring & sweetner to it. Like it better made into pancakes.
NR Vanilla Pudding  like  Like the flavor. I suggest whisking it instead of shaking it so everything gets dissolved. See Recipes.
R Chocolate Pancake & Muffin Mix love! Really, really like!!! Especially with sugar free Raspberry syrup. See waffle recipe.
R Crepe Mix like Plain…not so much but see recipes for ways to ramp the flavor up.
R Maple Oatmeal Mix love! My new favorite breakfast! Added a packet of Splenda to it and it was the perfect texture and flavor! See Recipes for pancakes.
R Vegetable Chili Mix like I made a recipe with it and really liked it!
R Spaghetti Bolognese Mix like I made a recipe with it and really liked it!
R BBQ Soy Nuts    
R Garlic & Onion Soy Nuts    
R Dill Pickle Zippers    
R Southwest Cheese Flavored Protein Curls love! LOVE these! Light, crispy & spicy with good crunch.
R BBQ Ridges like Good flavor. A little thicker than they need to be.
R White Cheddar Ridges So-So They are a little too spicy & thick for me.
R Salt & Vinegar Ridges love  Great as a breading on chicken. See the new IP cookbook by Chef Verati!
R Apple & Cinnamon Soy Puffs  like  Light crunchy with lots of cinnamon flavor.
R Chocolate Soy Puffs like Good crunch and OK flavor. Kind of like a very small malted milk ball…kind of. Not very sweet.
R Peanut Soy Puffs    
R Lemon Soy Puffs  love  These are really good! They give you sweet flavor & then a good hit of lemon.
R White-Chocolate Cinnamon Bar  like  I prefer the White Chocolate Crispy Bar but this one is good too.
R Cookies-n-Cream Bar dislike Not sweet enough for me.
R White Chocolate Crispy Bar love! One of my favorites. Nice sweetness with a good crunchy texture.
R Caramel Crunch Bar dislike Not sweet enough for me.
R Lemon Poppy Seed Bar love! One of my favorites. Nice sweetness with a little bit of chew.
R Choco-Raspberry Bar like Good flavor. A little chewy with a slight crunch.
R Caramel Nut Bar like   As close to a Snickers as we can get on IP.
R Cran-Granata Bar    
R Peanut Butter Crunch Bar    
R Vanilla Peanut Bar    
R Double Chocolate Bar like Very good chocolate flavor and nice chewy texture.
R Orange Pancake    
R Chocolate Chip Cookie love! Absolute favorite! Big cookie! Soft texture. Try it slightly warmed up…mmmmm good!
R Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar  So-So  Not much peanut butter flavor in this at all.
NR Chicken Ala King love Have not tried it plain, but check my recipe…yum!
NR Chicken Noodle Soup love Didn’t care for it plain, but souped up (LOL) it is really good.
R Strawberry Wafers love Eat them over a plate so you can catch every crispy, crunchy morsel.
NR  Vanilla Crispy Square love  As close to a rice krispy treat as we can get on this diet!
 NR  Rotini like  Pasta! I used my salad dressing as the sauce for it with some vegetables and threw it into my lettuce salad.  YUM!

3 Responses to “Ideal Protein Products”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thank you posting what you liked and didn’t. It’s hard to know what food to pick! I love your blog!

    • Nan Says:

      After you get going on the diet you will find your tastes changing. So don’t be afraid to taste some of the stuff I didn’t care for at some point as you may end up liking them more than I did.

      • Sherri Says:

        I totally agree with you at them moment for me Its been 11 days and I do not like pina colada drinks and Im starving an hour later as I had it as a morning drink. I will try it one more time when Im adjusted to this program

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