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This page contains reviews of products other than the Ideal Protein products. These are my opinions after having tried the products.

Walden Farms Thousand Island Dressing – Will do if there is absolutely nothing else to put on a salad. The first hit on my tongue seemed to taste OK but then a different flavor emerges that isn’t so pleasant.

Molly McButter Natural Cheese Flavor Sprinkles – I decided that I didn’t care for these or their cousin Land O’ Lakes Cheddar Sprinkles (pictured below).  They don’t really add flavor to the omelets and they certainly don’t have any creamy cheese texture to them so why bother.  Especially since they both contain 1 gram of carbs per teaspoon of product.  See blog post 01/19/2012 for further explanation.

Fiesta Fresh Salsa – This stuff is the greatest fresh salsa I have ever eaten next to homemade! Nice chunks of tomato, onion & pepper. I get the hot version but it also comes in a milder version.  Unfortunately it is made in Vinton, Iowa and if you don’t live here in Iowa you might not be able to get it. Sorry 😦   Here is a picture of the container just in case you run across something similar.


Walden Farms Marshmallow DipReally good in small doses.  Don’t take a big bite of this as you will end up with that funny aftertaste some of the other products have.  But I spread a little on my chocolate pancakes and it was fantastic! YUM!!! My HyVee grocery store carries some Walden Farms products but here is a link to the Walden Farms website in case you can’t find this stuff where you do your shopping.

Walden Farms Bacon Ranch Dressing – Finally, I found a dressing that satisfies that need for a creamy dressing for my salads!  I like it best out of all the dressings I have tried. DO NOT expect it to taste like a full-fat version or even a low-fat version that has sugar in it.  But it is better than most of the other dressings I tried.

MIO – I especially like the three flavors below, Berry-Pomegranate, Orange-Tangerine and Fruit Punch. But it also comes in Mango-Peach, Peach Tea and Strawberry-Watermelon.  There may be other flavors but these are the ones I am familiar with.  It also comes in an energy form that contains caffeine but anytime we drink caffeine we need to drink the same amount in extra water so be aware of that.  I especially like Mio mixed with sparkling water.  It doesn’t take much at all to flavor the water a little bit and I really like the fizz.

Mendota Sparkling Water – This is one of the brands of sparkling water I use to mix my MIO in.  They also make flavored sparkling water. So does Canada Dry & La Croix.  Good stuff!

Mrs. Dash – These are the best spices to add to the soups to take that “I just came from a pouch” taste away.  Just a couple of shakes and it helps to add a fresher flavor to them.  I use the Onion & Herb and the Garlic & Herb the most.

Torani Sugar Free Syrup – Yum!  I add these to the drinks & the puddings any time I want to make them taste better.  I really like the White Chocolate added to the RTD (Ready to Drink) Vanilla.  I have a Hazelnut that I add to the chocolate drink as part of the liquid.  I add the Strawberry to the strawberry pudding as part of the liquid for that. I am getting ready to add the coconut to the vanilla pudding. I bought the bigger bottles on-line from Torani…they were here in only a few days.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea – I have one favorite and one that I like enough to continue drinking on a regular basis.  The Bengal Spice is absolutely fantastic! It is spicy and sweet and just gives you that satisfied feeling while you are drinking it.  The Honey Vanilla Chamomile is good but nearly as flavorful.  They have lots of different flavors and a lot of them are caffeine free!


4 Responses to “Other products”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Just a question about the Salsa. Do you have a recipe to make a homemade one so that one can enjoy it? Also for taco salad I still wanted a dressing what is your suggestion? Also I was reading on one of the sites that cooked onions are not good. Ive been on this 11 days and feel bad now knowing Ive been eating cooked onions. So I need to know is this true or false?

    • Nan Says:

      Cooked onions are a no-no as they change somehow when cooked. But green onions seem to be ok. I’m afraid I don’t have any recipes for a good homemade salsa. I should try making one though as I use salsa in lots of things. But the refrigerated one I have available here is very good and meets my requirements so I haven’t really felt pressured to make my own salsa.

      If you still need some type of dressing on the taco salad, you might want to try one of the Walden Farms Dressings. I’m not really crazy about them but if they were added to something that has lots of flavor anyway they might be OK. Or try mixing some oil & vinegar and add that to the salsa. Maybe that would make it seem more dressed.

  2. Allison Says:

    Hello there i have been reading you blog and i am getting inspired to take this journey. Will like to know if you think i can do this diet on my own using some ideal protein foods like the snacks but sticking to healthy raw and fresh vegetables for the rest of my meals. i am very weary of pre packaged foods as i know how they have many ingredients to keep them on the shelf. your expert advise will be appreciated. i have bought a copy of the ideal plan from ebay and I will be purchasing some snacks from ebay as well as it seems to get their other range of products you have to join them. I will apprciate any info you can give me to encourage weight loss and suggestions. Congratulations on your success so far. God bless

    • Nan Says:

      Thanks for letting me know you were encouraged by my blog!

      I know lots of people have tried to follow the diet plan by using products other than Ideal Protein’s products. It’s just not the same. I am very concerned when folks do this because I know when I use the Ideal Protein products I am getting just what my body needs in order to lose the fat but not my muscle. The heart is a muscle and, in the past, people who have been on very low calorie diets have ended up with heart problems. Which is why it is important to get all the correct amounts of nutrition so your body doesn’t burn muscle instead of fat. High protein diets can also cause kidney stones, gout & bone spurs but when the Ideal Protein Diet is done the way it is designed to be done, it keeps our bodies very alkaline and these problems aren’t as prevalent.

      Another reason I don’t recommend following the diet without using the Ideal Protein products is because you really never know if those other products are comparable to the IP products. The listed nutritional stats may look similar but there is a lot of margin for error given for companies when they list those stats and the products could actually be incredibly inferior to the Ideal Protein products. The protein may not be as bio-available to our bodies. The vitamins & minerals may not be as absorbable. Or they could contain sugars that will send the pancreas into overdrive when what we want is for the pancreas to rest. Why not buy the best products that will help you lose the weight quickly so you can get to your ideal weight without doing harm to your body? That is what Ideal Protein does and it is well worth the money.

      As far as buying the ideal plan on eBay. That really concerns me. If you are paying money to someone for sheets (which could be outdated) telling you the protocol, you might as well go to a clinic and get the sheets AND the coaching that comes with them. The coaches help you tweak what you are eating in order to get the most from the diet, they help you over trouble spots you hit and they keep track of your weight & measurements. Coaches can be the best tool to help you succeed! Plus it is actually illegal for someone to be selling those sheets since the Ideal Protein Diet is copyrighted. It’s the same with the products…they may not always be available on-line once Ideal Protein finds out about them being sold on-line.

      My advice – spend the money on joining an Ideal Protein clinic and purchase their products to do their diet correctly. You will end up loving the diet, losing the weight quickly without the adverse health issues and end up being at a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Yes, it may cost a chunk of money but most of us would have spent it on junky food anyway and it is only for a short time period until we get to the weight we need to be. I chose to join a clinic and I am so happy I did it that way. Who would have ever thought I could lose 75 pounds in just 6 short months?!?!

      Good luck on whatever you decide to do!!!

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