Scrambled Breakfast #3

Scrambled Breakfast #3

Ideal Protein Omelet Mix
3 tablespoons Egg Beaters Southwestern Style All Natural Egg Whites
5 ounces cold water
1 cup sliced mushrooms (I used Morel Mushrooms today but have also used Baby Belle)
Butter Spray

Place the water, Egg Beaters and Omelet Mix in a shaker and mix well.  Saute the mushrooms until mostly done in a pan sprayed with the butter spray.  Salt the mushrooms.  Remove from pan and spray pan again with the butter spray.  Turn down the heat, return the mushrooms to the pan and pour the egg mixture over the mushrooms.  Lift & turn the eggs as they cook to make sure they all get cooked.  I usually scramble them like regular scrambled eggs but they will stick to the bottom of the pan so be sure to scrape the pan each time.

I have to say these were really, really good when I used the Morel Mushrooms this morning.  The only seasoning I used was salt & pepper.


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