Pudding Additions

While I like the puddings, I think they can be better.  So I will often replace part of the water with Torani Sugar Free Syrup.  If the mix calls for 5 ounces of water, I will use 3 ounces of water and 2 ounces of the Torani Sugar Free Syrup.  I also usually add a packet of Splenda & 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.  What can I say…I like my pudding very sweet!  I then whisk the pudding to get it nice and smooth and refrigerate it for an hour or so.

I use the White Chocolate Torani Syrup a lot because it goes with everything.  I also use the Hazelnut flavor in my chocolate pudding & chocolate drink mixes.

I tried the Coconut flavor last night in my vanilla pudding and it was OK but I like a bigger hit of coconut flavor than what it produced.  I think I might try the Coconut flavor in the Milk Chocolate Pudding at some point to see how it tastes there.  I imagine the Black Cherry flavor would be good in the Chocolate Puddings and would probably taste like chocolate covered cherries.

The syrups come in a ton of different flavors so let your imagination fly and try them mixed with different flavors of puddings and drinks.


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